Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Government Ask Community Watch School Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of thousands of classrooms by the government are in need of community support.

"The support in the form of supervision for the implementation on target, and its benefits can be felt directly by the people," said Minister of National Education after laying the first stone of a national movement rehabilitation of primary and junior, at SDN 01 Babakan Madang, Sentul West Java, on Monday (3 / 10) .

Minister Nuh rate, business education is not just a government responsibility alone. "It is a major facility-class space has been provided, but there's another facility that has not been completed."

Minister Nuh said, students still need libraries and laboratories to support their learning. "Enterprises can create a library here, so that we jointly own and maintain this school," he said.

This year, the total budget for the rehabilitation of schools reached Rp2, 8 trillion. The rest, is budgeted in the 2012 draft budget as much as Rp18 trillion. A total of Rp 10 trillion in antarnya Kemdiknas budgeted from the fund, and Rp 8 trillion through a special allocation fund (DAK) to be transferred to the regions. "The total overall budget (2011 and 2012) is Rp20, 8 trillion," said Minister of Nuh.

Rehabilitation of thousands of schools and classrooms is aided Indonesian Army (TNI). There's even a special monitoring system by the government and the military. "We work closely with the TNI have an information system S curve," he said.

The curve S is a system of supervision carried out in sequence from the center to the regions. Through this S curve, can be known how much the construction executed. This S curve will coordinate the center to the provinces, and provinces to the districts / cities. "We can know the position where, how the mobilization of troops and material, without having to jump directly to the field" said Minister of Nuh.

In terms of budget, Members of the House of Representatives Commission X Jefri Riwu Kore convey, the Council has a responsibility to check whether funds are budgeted to rehabilitate thousands of classrooms is on target or not. There is a concern of the individuals who deliberately use the existing budget for personal gain.

Therefore, Jefri appealed to the community participate in supervising the construction of new classrooms. "People watch the flow of funds for the rehabilitation of these schools, so that the best service for our students can form a maximum," he said.


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